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Adopt high strength steel, it is tough in structure 
Polished and smooth handle is comfortable to hold 
Feature fine resistance to abrasion and impact 
Strong texture makes it uneasy to distort and break 
One sharp rhombus tooth is helpful to punch quickly and effortlessly 
It can punch even and neat holes in leather 
Material: White Steel
Model: 1 Prong/2 Prong/4 Prong/ 6 Prong 
Quantity:1Set (4pcs) 
Spacing: 3mm 4mm 
The 1 Prong is mainly used for bending of the leather right angles, or to use when it is perforated on leather alone to use.
The 2 Prong is usually used for bending of leather curves or to make leather of small pieces.
The 4 Prong is used for the straight line drill of the leather. It is widely used
The 6 Prong can be used in playing a straight line, it can hit six holes and is efficient
<b>Package includes:
1 Prong+2 Prong+4 Prong+6 Prong